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Here at Coopers we value our customers and our service doesn't stop after the sale is made. Our philosophy is to provide and assist our customers with quality service to ensure that they had a great experience shopping with us.

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Furniture Care & Protection

Guardsman furniture care products

We carry the line of Guardsman fine furniture care products

Guardsman is
• The most complete selection of fine furniture care products
• Developed with furniture manufacturer's specifications in mind
• Formulated to maintain the beauty and like-new condition of furniture
• Products include stain removers, dusting, furniture repair, fabric and leather cleaners

We carry a number of products that will fit any of your furniture protection needs.

Montage Furniture Protection Plans

We also carry Montage Protection Plans

Montage Furniture Service offers plans for individual pieces or same-upholstery sets. Combination plans cover multiple category purchases - all on one plan.

Your investment in a MFS furniture protection plan will deliver fast, fair and friendly assistance when you call for service, regardless of whether or not your problem is covered by the plan. Covered problems will be serviced as quickly as is practicable; non-covered problems will be handled with empathy and an explanation will be given as to why the problem is not covered.

Montage Furniture Services offers access to live customer service representatives who are available to assist customers in solving their problems by offering tips, products, appointments with service technicians and claim filing assistance.

Montage Furniture Services has the perfect plan to meet your needs.

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Furniture Care & Tips

Wood Furniture Care and Maintenance

Furniture Polish It is essential to dust and clean furniture regularly. Furniture polish removes soil, eliminates dust and provides protection to guard against accidental spills. Most commercial polishes will protect and preserve the finish on furniture.

Oils Furniture oils gently clean and condition wood while providing a rich, natural luster. They also penetrate and condition drying and cracking wood.

Direct Sunlight Protect furniture by arranging pieces out of direct sunlight. Steady, prolonged exposure can result in fading, hairline cracks or in some cases darkening.

Temperature Changes Avoid exposing furniture to temperature extremes. Do not place furniture near heating or cooling vents, fireplaces, humidifiers or open windows. Localized heat damage can occur when hot dishes, pots or irons are placed directly on finished surfaces. Utilize pads, trivets and coasters to protect the surface.

Hazardous Materials Such as alcohol, perfume, after-shave, and medications cause severe finish damage. Clean up spills right away using a blotting method rather than a wiping action. Water left over a long period of time can cause serious damage and white spots in the finish.

Glass and Metal Care Tips

Cleaning. Most commercial window products will clean and shine furniture glass. Avoid using abrasive household cleaners or coarse cloths. Most glass tops and shelves can be removed for a thorough cleaning. Heavy Objects. Exercise caution when loading items on a glass shelf. Bending or deflection in the glass signals a possible break. A sudden shock, caused by dropping a small item, can result in a shattered shelf. Scratches. Avoid sliding objects across glass tabletops or shelves. Accessories should be lined on the bottom with felt to avoid grinding edges into the glass. Cleaning Metal. Should metal surfaces become dirty, wash with a mild soap and water solution. Buff surfaces with a paste wax or furniture polish for more shine.

Fast Upholstery Cleaning Tips

A pure bristle clothing brush lightly covered with dry-cleaning fluid will remove lint, dust and animal hair from upholstered surfaces.

Sponge napped fabrics with a textured washcloth dipped in a mixture of vinegar and water (stir 1 tbs. vinegar into 2 cups of cold water) and then rung dry as possible to freshen their appearance.

Vacuum plush fabrics at least once a week; brushing merely distributes the dust. Hold a steam iron about 1" above the surface of crushed velvets to raise the nap.

Spots and stains need to be cleaned as soon as possible. For greasy marks, such as lipstick, oils, or chocolate, use a dry cleaning solvent. For non-greasy stains, mix 1/2 tsp. liquid detergent with 1 qt. water, shake it up, and apply just the suds in small amounts, blotting between applications. For combination stains, use the detergent mixture first and the solvent next. Always follow label directions for dry cleaning solvent. Test the product first on a hidden part of the fabric.

Keep on hand an all-purpose stain-removal guide so you can properly treat any of the myriad substances that can stain your upholstery.

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Design, Decorating & Room Planning

Here at Coopers we promise we will assist you with all of your decorating and design needs. We not only offer special ordering services from over a hundred lines but we also carry and install carpeting and linoleum for all your flooring needs. When shopping for furniture we do everything we can to assist you with your design needs. We will assist you in selecting fabrics, colors, finishes, and accessories, and do everything we can to assist you in selecting furniture to match your lifestyle. We also do free in home consultations and room planning. Come on in and ask about it today!

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Decorating Tips

Use artwork to spruce up a room. Art work can be an affordable way to revamp a room and give it a new look. Hang the center of the artwork approximately 60 inches from the floor. This way you will keep your pieces more in the center of the wall. This will keep you from placing your pieces to high. Also try to cover 2/3 of your empty blank wall. If you dont have a piece of artwork that size then try grouping several pieces together to fill the space.

Always measure twice, cut once. Be realistic about the room size and the furniture you are placing in it. Always use graph paper or room planners to arrange furniture in the desired room. If you are working with a small room and a lot of furniture try moving some away from the wall and using angles. This will give you some unique seating arrangements and options.

Mix up accessories. Mix sizes, colors, and textures. Vary the height of objects to give it a staggered look, usually working with a number of items. Plants and greenery always help break up heights and add texture to an arragement.

Balance colors and fabrics throughout your room just as you would your jewelry colors to your clothing and shoes. Use one color from the main inspiration item to dominate in each room. Pull second and third colors from other areas such as pillows on your upholstery or through your accessories and wall art.

Dont forget the personal touches. Incorporate family photos or other family items to give your room that personal touch and feel. Display family photos on a table or frame your kids art work for wall art. Using your family's treasures around he home reflects everyones interests and hobbies which in turn reflects your families' taste and lifestyle.

Utilize the architecture in your home. Enhance your home decor by using the special features of our home. It could be a angled wall, a fireplace, special built ins, wonderful floors, skylights, or gorgeous wall moldings. Place your furniture in arrangements that will compliment the room's space.

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